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Rent your own Volkswagen Campervan, and enjoy Maui up close and personal!

The very best of both worlds on a budget! Come to Maui and cruise in style. Find a killer spot to watch the sunset and pull to the side of the road and camp for the night. The sweet camp-mobiles come equipped with camp stoves, beach chairs, cozy linens, camp lighting, screened doors, camp showers and curtains/privacy blinds.

Old, funky, and THE BEST way to be on the island..

I loved staying in the van. You can go anywhere, camp somewhere different every night and look great doing it. This is the way to roll…
Nicholas H.

Reviewed on January 14th, 2017

The vanagon is a classic VW van and it is truly an experience to drive!

Heather may be new to the Airbnb game, but she was wonderfully accommodating and thoughtful. She went above and beyond to have the vanagon stocked and ready for our arrival. Everything that we were promised was there and more! Also, Heather was very flexible about making arrangements for pick up late at night. The vanagon is a classic VW van and it is truly an experience to drive! Heather even gave us great tips about where to eat and stay during our vacation.

Julie Hunter

Reviewed on February, 2016

What a great experience.


Loved the opportunity to see so much of the island. Heather was very responsive, stocked the van beyond expectations, and had lots of great ideas.

Amy Berlin

Reviewed on May, 2016


Heather greeted us at the airport and provided a lot of great information about Maui to help us have a better experience.

The van performed well, was spacious, and the bed comfortable. Sleeping at the beach with the back door open and the screen in place was heaven, cool breezes coming in off the ocean. Going this route helped fulfill our desire to camp while allowing us to roam all over the island to see all the different things we wanted to see. Will definitely use it again when we return, it turned our vacation into an adventure!


Jeff Deetz

Reviewed on May, 2016

Heather made us feel VERY welcome!

The van was exactly what we thought – absolutely perfect to camp with the locals and really travel with the Aloha spirit on our vacation! It was absolutely spectacular! 🙂

Michael Greear

Reviewed on May, 2016

We couldn’t have asked for a better Airbnb host.

For our four days on Maui, renting a van was perfect. It allowed us to camp and explore the island at a very reasonable price, and with way more flexibility and style than if we were tethered to one hotel room. The van had every useful thing we could think of and more. Beyond that, Heather went out of her way to make sure we had all of the supplies and information we needed. When unexpected challenges came up (as they do on vacation sometimes!) she was beyond accommodating and truly went the extra mile to help us and make sure we enjoyed our stay. If you want flexibility on the island, a unique and beautiful experience and a reliable, trustworthy, friendly host, Heather is your gal. I would repeat again in a heartbeat when back on Maui.

Hannah Heimbuch

Reviewed on March, 2016

Heather is Awesome!

She was there at the airport when we arrived and explained a few things about the van: where and where not to go, amenities included (ice chest, blankets, snorkel gear), and got us dialed on what campsites are worth visiting. Thank you Heather!! The van, which was perfect and exactly what I had imagined, fit 2 people comfortably. Pretty much everything needed is stuffed into the dashboard compartment, including maps, plenty of flashlights, etc. The main thing while driving the van is to not be in a rush, even if theres people tailgating you. Let them pass. The sights in Maui are Stunning, Rainbows everywhere.

Joseph Gary

Reviewed on March 16th, 2016

I loved this van!

Heather went above and beyond to provide and easy transfer and left me with tons of great advice for camping. She stocked the van with lots of camping gear to make my stay easy and I wish I could have stayed longer to use it all! The bed was surprisingly comfortable and the window coverings created great privacy. I also got great gas mileage! I highly recommend renting Heather’s van and camping on Maui, it was an awesome experience and she was the best!

Aletha McGee

Reviewed on February, 2016

Heather has a huge heart and is motivated to make this a great experience for folks…

If you are looking to have a luxurious poolside experience and a down comforter 4 start hotel each night, look elsewhere… BUT if you are looking to have wonderful flexibility in WHERE on the island you stay and feel a terrific and liberating sense of adventure, the van is a wonderful affordable option to combine transportation and lodging!!! We had a great time and started thinking about investing in a camper van based on how fun and free we felt. The van looks run down on the outside but has a very smooth transmission (recently repaired) and is fun to drive – has the feel of an old suburban 🙂 There are an abundance of commodities Heather provides, from the boogie boards to beach chair to cooler, and camping/cooking supplies. Not pictured in her ad are some great accordion blinds that add to the privacy. We used the boogie boards to block the driver and passenger windows which are the only ones without curtains at this point.

Libby Loft

Reviewed on December 4th, 2015